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Social Media Management

Expertise in Editorial, Entertainment, Live Music, Red Carpet, Cosplay, Trade Show, Tech and Drone Content.

Web Design UX/UI Design

Web | UX/UI | Social Media Designer turning ideas into digital realities!

Real Estate Drone

Enhance your property’s visual story with precision and professionalism!

Entertainment Pulse

Entertainment News and Reviews

Upcoming EVENTS

Trade Shows

It’s an exciting year of industry immersion with our Trade Show Calendar.

Join MisMarissa as we cover the pulse of innovation at renowned events.  From cutting-edge technology to creative realms, we’ll be your eyes and ears, delivering comprehensive coverage. Stay tuned for exclusive insights, highlights, and behind-the-scenes glimpses as we navigate these influential trade shows, providing you with a front-row seat to the future of diverse industries.

CES 2024

January 9-13 – Las Vegas,NV


January 25-28 – Anaheim, CA

Social Media Marketing World

February 18-20 – San Diego, Ca


MArch 29 – 31 – Anaheim, Ca

NAB 2024

April 14 – 17 – Las Vegas,NV


April 22 – 25 – San diego, Ca


July 15 – 19 – San diego, Ca

Comic-Con International

July 24 – 28 – San diego, Ca

AP Writing


Dive into the rhythm of my words as I explore the diverse soundscape of music. From soulful ballads to energetic beats, these writing samples capture the essence of each note, delivering insightful and engaging music reviews. Join me on a lyrical journey through the melodies and stories that define the latest in the music industry.

Unleashing CreativITY

Graphic Design and Photography

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