Photo Gallery: Disneyland Guardians of the Galaxy

Dec 29, 2023


DISNEYLAND: Guardians of the Galaxy Ride


An intergalactic adventure as we take a trip down memory lane to 2018 when Disneyland California Adventures’ Guardians of the Galaxy Tower Ride was the talk of the town.  Our journey begins with a sneak peek into The Collector’s lair, showcasing an array of cosmic artifacts. The adrenaline rush that we were in for as we shot up through the iconic tower, it’s an experience that we won’t soon forget. My cameras caught the essence of the Guardians of the Galaxy tower atmosphere. From lively crowds to vibrant colors, each photo encapsulates the electric energy that defines a Disneyland California adventure.


As I reminisce about this unforgettable experience, let these photos transport you back to a time when every click was a portal into the Marvel multiverse.

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