The Offspring played the Smash Album in Concert

Sep 6, 2014

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The Summer Nationals Tour rolled through southern California’s Sleep Train Amphitheater in Chula Vista Saturday, August 30, 2014, with a special performance by The Offspring playing their Smash album in its entirety. Yahoo Screen Live was also there to livestream the unique concert. A few clips from the night can be found here. Southern California local bands Bad Religion and Pennywise made easy work warming up the crowd. All night there were huge mosh pits, both in the lower general admission pit and lawn area of the Amphitheater.

Irish punk band, Stiff Little Fingers, started off the night with songs; No Going Back, When We Were young, and Nobody’s Hero. Another Southern California band, The Vandals, took the stage with Brooks Wackerman from Tenacious D sitting in on drums. After the Vandals set, the crowd was well warmed up for a full night of mosh pits and crowd surfing.

Pennywise took the stage with their self-titled and catchy tune “Pennywise”. The mosh pits seemed to start with the first drum beat and crowd surfers got air even before the first verse was over. Midset, Bad Religion’s Bassist Jay Bentley joined Pennywise on stage for “Do what you want” Bad Religion cover. Pennywise also covered Ramone’s Blitzkreig Bop as a tribute to the late Jay Adams, a great American skateboarder who was considered by some as the most influential skateboarder of all time.

Bad Religion was next on the bill hitting the stage with songs Stranger than fiction, 21st century and everyone knows what’s best for me. Bad Religion front man, Greg Graffin offers this fine sentiment “no bad religion song can make your life complete” as he started the next couple songs No direction and F*** you . He goes on to dedicate the song ‘you are the government’ from their Suffer album for all you “sentimental types”. The band has some great reflexes dodging things flying in from the audience – at one point one of these unidentified flying objects may have been someone’s shoe.

Great night overall, great tunes, great experience.

The Offspring (Full Setlist)
• bad habit
• gotta get away
• genocide
• something to believe in
• come out and play
• it’ll be a long time
• killboy powerhead
• what happened to you?
• not the one
• self esteem
• intermission – unicycle antics!!!
• coming true
• staring at the sun
• gone away
• why don’t you get a job
• can’t get my head around you
• you’re gonna go far, kid
• pretty fly for a white guy
• Kids aren’t alright

Bad Religion (incomplete setlist)
• stranger than fiction
• sorrow
• 21st century digital boy
• generator
• conquer the world
• every day
• you are the government
• suffer
• No direction
• everybody knows what’s best for you
• F*** you
• Infected
• American Jesus

• Pennywise
• rules
• My own country
• My own way
• Blitzkrieg bop (Ramones Cover)
• Do what you want (Bad Religion cover with Jay Bentley)
• Society
• Fuck Authority
• Bro Hymn

• café 405
• take it back
• going to hell
• oi to the world
• ape drape
• I know huh
• anarchy burger
• and now we dance
• girlfriends dead
• Don’t stop me now


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