Dec 5, 2021

Brochure front and back – MisMarissa

Brochure inside


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Brochure PROJECT:


This exercise is to set up a brochure for a company.

Choose an imaginative brand+tagline

Understand the brochure target audience.

Be creative, precise and informative.

Design a simple and miminal style

Continuity of design from cover to inside.
Readable flow of information on panels.

Visualize a brand ideas.

List all of the information required for people to call to action.

Look at type families, styles, weights that will be used.


  • Create in Indesign
  • Set up two sides with crop marks and fold lines.
  • Create page bleeds and gutters
  • Create vector art using Illustrator (typography, graphical elements)
    • Appropriate and contrast use of type style, size, and weight.
  • Create raster art using Photoshop (continuous tone imagery)
  • The use of design elements, illustration and color to create interest.
  • Add Photos to create interest.
    • Photos cropped and correct format. (create links in Indesign)


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