MisMarissa | Train's Picasso at the Wheel Summer Tour 2015

Train's Picasso at the Wheel Summer Tour 2015

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~ Train's Picasso at the Wheel Summer Tour 2015 rolled through San Diego


The crowd was jumping around and dancing with excitement long before Train’s whistle blew kicking off night 3 of the 40+ dates of Train’s Picasso at the Wheel Summer Tour at Sleep Train Amphitheater in Chula Vista, California on May 23, 2015.

The crowd was bouncing up and down to House of Pain’s song Jump Around as the house lights dimmed and the Train whistle blew causing the already enthusiastic crowd to be even more animated and loud.

Red stage lights and a single backlit spot highlighted guitarist, Jimmy Stafford playing one of his two Ukuleles. Front man, Pat Monahan, made his way into the spotlight kicking off the night with “Just a Memory.” Picking up the pace a bit, “Angel in Blue Jeans” was next, this song is the lead single off their new Album Bulltetproof Picasso released in late summer 2014. Most of the front section was seen singing and swaying along to the song.

After a few more hits, 50 ways to say Goodbye, If it’s Love, Meet Virginia, and Free Pat took a short break allowing the backup singers to fill in for him on vocals. It however wasn’t much of a break, as he jumped on the drums and provided the beat. Pat has some drum skills, but fans prefer him on vocals. The drum interlude was short lived and Monahan found his way back into the main spotlight.

He dedicated the next couple songs to the armed services, Look up to the Sky and Calling all Angels. Calling All Angels became an amazing 15,000+ person sing along with hands raised high in the sky.

Then the young Mermaids and Trainette’s came on stage for their couple minute dance party with Monahan. (You can tell Pat is a parent himself by his interaction with the kids on stage – it’s so adorable.) As the kids exited the stage, he was asking for a little help from his friends. Matt Nathanson, who opened the evening came on stage and sang the cover “With a little help from my Friends.”

Train’s new song “Give it all” is incredible to see live. Not only is Pat giving it his all - you can feel the emotion in his voice. But the lighting director and designer should be given kudos for the design. The lighting to this song encapsulated the mood perfectly. The flickering straight beams of light and the quick blue burst of light in the background is just perfect. Well Done!

"Marry Me" was a bit of a downer. Long time fans are use to having Pat come out into the audience during this song, Most fans have seen impromptu proposals during the song, the lyrics help lead to the proposals. Pat, however, did jump down into the front row barricade and sang from there. It just wasn’t the same.

The night and the hits went on and on for just over 90 minutes. Bulletproof Picasso, an amazing cover of Aerosmith’s Dream On, and their Grammy Award winning Drops of Jupiter finished the evening. The setlist was spot on. The show overall was great – as always. But the energy seemed to slow down by the encore, but that may have been due to the misty rain shower that covered the audience off and on during the night.

Can’t wait to see the next Train show in Southern California. (Kaaboo Festival in September)

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