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Top 5 memorable concerts : U2

U2 Top 5 Memorable Concerts  


~ The Top 5 memorable U2 concerts .



After 13 studio albums, 22 Grammy Awards, over 150 million records sold and a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction, you could say they are one of the world’s biggest bands. But these four guys from Ireland need no big introduction: Bono, The Edge, Adam and Larry, because we all know them. They are U2.

Rolling Stone magazine even ranked U2 as one of the top 100 “Greatest Artist of All Time.” For nearly 40 years they have been making great music, campaigning for human rights, and have been a voice for many other philanthropic causes around the world. What’s not to like about them?

As one of the biggest bands of the world, they have toured many places near and far. It is difficult to select just a handful from the best of the best.


  • U2 360° At The Rose Bowl

    The U2 360° tour Rose Bowl concert was record breaking in so many ways. The Pasadena, California Rose Bowl Concert was filmed on Oct 25 2009 in front of a sold out crowd of 97,000 fans while 10 million others streamed the live show on YouTube, ranking it in the Top 5 concert performances of all time. This show was the highest grossing single U.S. concert by a single headliner and  “The Claw” stage is one of the largest concert stage constructions ever built.

    As a fan, to be at that show to be under that claw was completely “Awe-inspiring.”

    U2 was out on tour supporting their new album “No Line in the Horizon.”
    U2360° At The Rose Bowl. DVD Released June 2010.


  • U2 Go Home: Live from Slane Castle

    U2 set off on the Elevation tour in 2001 in support of their Grammy Awarding winning “Best Rock Album” All That You Can’t Leave Behind. On September 1, 2001 they performed to a record breaking home crowd at The Slane Castle in Ireland.


  • Sarajevo – PopMart

    On September 23 1997, U2 fulfilled a promise to perform in the war torn Bosnia and Herzegovina. The concert in Sarajevo was held at the Kosovo Stadium with Ms. Sarajevo in attendance. U2 wrote the song “Miss Sarajevo” in 1995 in response to the horrific acts taking place during the Siege of Sarajevo. U2’s frontman, Bono, stated he wanted to help those from the area return “life back to normal” after the many years of struggle during the Bosnian war. The near 40,000 attendees came from all over the war torn area, bringing together those that once fought against one another. It was stated that U2 considered this show to be one of their proudest moments.


  • Vertigo Tour in Chicago

    In May 2005, U2 took over Chicago for two nights during the Vertigo Tour supporting their How To Dismantle An Atomic Bombalbum to film a DVD. The Vertigo Tour was one of the top grossing shows of all time. They also filmed the U2 3D Concert DVD during the Latin America leg of the Vertigo tour.


  • Rattle and Hum Documentary

    One of the pinnacle launching points for U2 was the 1987 Joshua Tree Tour DVD, "Rattle and Hum." "Rattle and Hum" was filmed in 1987 as a documentary of the band as they toured North America. Although it's more of a collection of performances than a documentary, this is considered a fan favorite capturing lifelong fans with every second of the film.



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