MisMarissa | Three Days Grace and Islander at House of Blues San Diego

Three Days Grace and Islander at House of Blues San Diego

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~ Three Days Grace and Islander play to a sold out crowd at House of Blues San Diego.



Three Days Grace played to a sold out crowd at House of Blues San Diego on April 10, 2015. Three Days Grace is out supporting their fifth studio album HUMAN! that was just released on March 31 2015. They opened the night with their new single “I am Machine” rocking the crowd with an astounding hit after hit 90 minute set.

This new tour is a fan introduction to their new frontman Matt Walst. Matt Walst, formerly from My Darkest Days, joined the platinum selling quartet, Three Days Grace, early last year after Adam Gontier’s departure from the band in 2013.

Don’t think with a new lead vocalist the band has lost its hard-hitting, authentic dark sound. Matt Walst's voice was different then that we're use to but was spot on and he brings an amazing high energy to the stage. Also Three Days Grace’s (3DS) new album HUMAN! and new singles "I am Machine" and "Painkiller" have the same 2003 3DS dark and heavier edge – maybe even more so.

The new album, HUMAN! comes full circle as the band enlisting the help from their 2003 self-titled debut platinum selling album producer Gavin Brown.

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Kicking the night off was South Carolina metal band, Islander. The group released their debut studio album Violence & Destruction in 2014. They also performed on the Mayhem Festival circuit in 2014 to rave reviews. They were listed as the “Ones to Watch” and “Most Anticipated” group by popular music editors. They have also been heavily supported by well-known bands: Korn, Papa Roach, and P.O.D.

The band took the stage with great head whipping , hair flying energy and a good heavy sound. Keep your eyes and ears open: here comes one of the most important metal bands of the year.

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