Well, I didn't get approval to shoot this show from the photo pit. I wanted to attend a Counting Crows show since hearing Round Here in 1994. So, I  packed up my camera and headed out to watch a couple horses race and to finally check another concert off my bucketlist.  

Since I didn't get credentials I was a little nervous about bringing the camera with me. But from the gate, the stands and walking in to the show with the camera out and in full view (You can't miss a DSLR with a 70-200mm attached)  no one said a word. Now it was time to find a good spot to shoot from the audience.  

How I loothe GA Audiences!!

In the many years of always getting photo pit credentials and then just standing off to the side to enjoy the rest of the show I forgot what it was like to be in  the heart of a General Audience stand only crowd.  More on that some other time!   

The shows countdown song was Lean on Me by Bill Withers. Counting Crows kicked off the concert with Sullivan Street one of my favorite songs.  In true music photographer fashion, I photographed only the first 3 songs starting out first from stage left, afer having a difficult time  I finally escaped my position,  by song 3 I found my way over to Stage right for a few wide angle shots then to the back where I felt more at home.  

The concert was good., Adam sounded great.  and I got to hear a few songs I'd been wanting to hear live. Mr Jones, Omaha, Round Here, A Long December.   My favorite song though is Perfect Blue Buildings not played. 



PINK #8 is a 3 year old filly, named Asparagus! ... A 5-1 odd that won the 10th Race on Saturday August 9th. Gorgeous little girl with her tongue out!! I captured another image of her walking to the gate before the race and again she had her tongue out. 


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