MisMarissa | Hunting The Minecraft Nether world at Comic-Con 2013

Hunting The Minecraft Nether world at Comic-Con 2013


I was fortunate enough to score a single day pass for this years 2013 Comic-con International in San Diego. After finding out that Metallica was  introducing their new "Through the Never" Movie, I knew which day I was going to attend.. FRIDAY!!!

Metallica is a separate post... CLICK  HERE

The day started out dropping the kids off with Grandma (yay, some freedom).  My way out the door I asked my almost 10 yr old son "If I could find something Minecraft what would you like?"  His answer "Anything from the Nether  or Enderman or Wither" . With my shopping list in mind,  I headed off.



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Mind you, there is  a mind numbing amount of comic and video game posters, books, toys, costumes and other odds and ends at Comic-Con.   Sometimes finding the exact unique item at Comic-con is a scavenger hunt in itself.

My son sent me on a scavenger hunt for MINECRAFT.  I found only 3 booths with a large amount of Minecraft stuff.

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So I found the typical Steve and Creeper Heads, Creeper plush dolls and pick Axe and Sword. We have these already, I would venture to say that most Minecraft players have these in their collection.  They aren't very unique!!     I found multiple Creeper tshirts,  and the "old School" Minecraft Periodic Table Shirt too.  I was hoping for something more from Comic-Con.   So I continued  on my scavenger hunt,  this is Comic-Con AFTER ALL - RIGHT!

At one booth I found a J!NX creeper hoodie jacket that I thought would fit my son, but unfortunately upon returning home it was too big - by a couple sizes..  It nearly fit me..   After negotiating with the guys at this booth we worked out a good deal for both the hoodie and a shirt.   They had the "Enderman Moving Co." shirt.

MisMarissa Photography: COMIC-CON 2013 &emdash; zen--0613zen--0613

Through out the day I found a couple small Minecraft key chains and necklaces at other toy booths..Until I over heard a conversation walking by an apparel booth.  The lady was asking questions about Minecraft. My interest peaked..  She had a son about the same age as my mine and was looking for a couple shirts for him.  The guy at this booth was oblivious about  anything Minecraft.   She had a minecraft shirt in her hand and was asking the character's name.   It was Steve. I helped her decide on what her son might like ultimately not buying  at that booth and directing her to another booth.

While Iwas telling her where the other booth was located.. I looked down and found an Ender-dragon shirt with  Steve in Diamond armor and sporting a diamond sword   aaaa ah..  viola... I found an ENDER-DRAGON...

MisMarissa Photography: COMIC-CON 2013 &emdash; zen--0615zen--0615

and then my a-ha moment moving along to the LEGO booth..

I found an ART GALLERY display which had Minecraft stuff: Steve, Creeper, Pig.. and.. A Zombie Pigman (from the Ender.)
MisMarissa Photography: COMIC-CON 2013 &emdash; zen--0264zen--0264

Was I getting closer to finding something? RIGHT??


I turned around... and there it was ...   The Nether LEGO Set.
MisMarissa Photography: COMIC-CON 2013 &emdash; zen--0265

I know bad photo , but the glare from the lighting in the case.. I almost was in awe... This lovely lego set had Ghasts, pig men, portal, pig zombie, nether fort, lava, nether quartz, netherrack, netherstone...   And where could I buy this lovely piece of MINECRAFT...


Then I turned to the other side of this display and found another interesting LEGO set:  The Village.

MisMarissa Photography: COMIC-CON 2013 &emdash; zen--0267

The Village : Mineshaft, Village, Villager (Squidward) , zombie,  pig.

Again this sought after piece of Minecraft not available yet...

Both sets will be available sometime in September....

Looks like a great birthday or Christmas present for my boy.. 
MisMarissa Photography: COMIC-CON 2013 &emdash; zen--0255

MisMarissa Photography: COMIC-CON 2013 &emdash; zen--0271

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