MisMarissa | ABOUT ME



Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my new website!

I am a live music and event photographer in San Diego, California.

I was born and raised somewhere in the Wheat fields of Indiana. After high school I ran from the small farm to international waters serving in the Navy. Somewhere along the way I found myself in Southern California where I went to a prestigious private college and I learned about important things.  Like student loans. Over the years I had worked for many different companies meeting some great people along the way. Some famous and important people too. Then I ended up where I am now. And this is where I do stuff… I am a wife of 17 years, a mother, a photographer, a PTA parent, computer geek, and a bunch of other stuff. Occasionally I get an impressive kudos award, an AT-A GIRL or just a kid hug and thank you for some of that stuff.