Keith Urban - Fuse

Keith Urban - Light the Fuse tour

with special performances by Dustin Lynch, Little Big Town

Dustin Lynch

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Little Big Town


Keith Urban

No Frills - just a few amps in the background  on  a well lit stage, Keith Urban walked out grabbed a banjo and started the show.  His back up guitar and bass player came out for a  brief instrumental jam then the background  scrim dropped unveiling large video screens and more lights. Long hot Summer and Sweet Thing kicked off the setlist.

After photographing the first 2 songs, media was escorted out of the venue. I stashed my gear away and I came back  to watch the rest of the show.   I've been looking forward to this show for months I've been waiting to hear Keith play live.  Here was my chance.  

As I was reentering the venue "Even the stars 4 you" started  the large video screens now with great visuals of shooting stars and lyrics   The Song "You Gonna Fly" was next as Little Big Town joined him on stage.  

Now one of my favorite Keith Urban songs "Stupid Boy"  the once up and dancing crowd now hit  a somber note as nearly everyone in the crowd  sat down.  The song was followed by a guitar interlude and Keith talking about missing his wife and kids , leading into " Without you".   A Dedication to all military followed by his soundtrack tune "For you from the movie "Act of Valor". 

Yeah, a drum solo then "Kiss a Girl"  as the crowd got back up and dancing.  Keith was joined to stage  by  Dustin Lynch to  finish the song.  As Dustin left the stage the lights dimmed as Keith jumped off the stage into the crowd and walked up to a small stage in the 300 section/ Lawn section.  Setlist on the lawn included The Who cover we won't get fooled gain, Days Go By,  Better Life. 

Great Show.... 


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