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Jim Lindberg, Frontman for Pennywise.














SOCAL--2329 Can I say that I love the old beat up amps and speaker cabinets..
SOCAL--2667 SOCAL--2706 Since I bought the wide angle lens a few months back. I haven't really liked any of the images that I have taken. Great clean lens, just me tolerating the look and feel of a wide angle shot. I really like close-up more detail shots with my go to 70-200mm lens then a wide angle lights and environmental shot this provides.  So, I thought I'd break it out again for this show. I like a few shots and started to get a hang of the composition by the end of night.  I need some more experience with it, but I might start using it a little more often now. 

Sublime with Rome and 311 with special guests Cypress Hill, Pennywise and G.Love & Special Sauce stopped by Sleep Train Amphitheater in Chula Vista California on Saturday August 3rd to wrap up their 23 date “Unity Tour”.  The evening kicked off with G. Love & Special Sauce a little after 5:00 pm. The three man Blues band played their hits “Baby’s got Sauce” and “Cold Beverage”. The laid back Rhythm and Blues trio warmed the crowd up for the rest of the night.

Loud Cheers and chanting “Pennywise, Pennywise, Pennywise” the crowd welcomed Pennywise to the stage.  After a quick bow from Jim Lindberg, Pennywise’s frontman, the crowd and band revved things up. The once mellowed crowd was now fist pumping into the air, singing along to “My own Country” ,  ”Society” , and “Broken”. Mosh Pits were seen in the lawn and pit area during most of the set.  Pennywise even paid respect to the late Adam (MCA) Yauch by covering Beastie Boys “Fight for Your Right”.  They also played Nirvana’s “Territorial Pissing”.  Not slowing down Pennywise finished their set with the anthem “Bro Hymn”.

Sen Dog and B-Real of Cypress Hill kept the energy going with the beats and bass. Cypress Hill’s set list included :  “Insane in the Brain”, “How I Could Just Kill A Man”, “(Rock) Superstar”, and “Roll It, Light It”, “Ain’t going down like that” , “Hand on the Pump” and  “Tequila Sunrise”. I found myself on the lawn by this time and watched an enormous wall of smoke gather from all sections of the amphitheater. The plume of smoke hardly dissipated the entire set.  Toward the end of their set while playing “Hits from the Bong” they brought out a huge 5-6 foot bong that B-Real then hit.

Opening with “Beautiful Disaster” the audience went crazy for 311. Nick Hexum, 311 front man seriously knows how to get and keep the audience energized. They played songs you would expect like “Come Original”, All Mixed Up” and “Amber”.

Sublime with Rome opened their set with “Date Rape” and continued with songs like “Wrong Way”, “What I Got” and “Same In The End”. They of course then ended the night with “Santeria”

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